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Example Buoyancy Calculation 

A 37' pontoon unit consists of 7 modules, there are 2 pontoon units per boat = 14 modules all together. 
    14 x 1500 lbs* = 21000 lbs max


  • Strong, flexible, plastic pontoon units
  • Contain UV stabilizers which transfer and reflect ultra-violet energy
  • High impact resistance
  • Extremely durable - variable wall thickness available
  • Highly adaptable for a wide variety of marine uses - won't rust
  • Assembles quickly and easily and allows for easy repair and module replacement
  • Interlocking Pontoon sections can be changed easily by on person while the unit is in the water using our patented Mounting Rail System (MRS)
  • Pontoons systems can be molded with any color including camouflage


High impact, ultra-violet stabilized plastic material. Resistant to corrosion from salt water and petroleum products. The color of the pontoon is molded in the plastic and therefore cannot be scraped or peeled of. The result is a product that is more durable than steel or aluminum and will endure freezing and thawing. 

The pontoon units have a maximum buoyancy rating of 1500lbs per module. 
 Pontoon Dimensions
 Nose piece  Mid-section
Height 29" Height 29"
Width 53" Width 53"
Length 62" Length 64"

 Also Offering Manufactured
Custom Mounting Kits





Easy To Assemble!

Quick to Replace!

No Welding Required!

Very Economical!


 For more information or questions please contact us by phone, mail or email us at info@pontoons.ca

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